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Orphan sponsorship

Orphan sun(SDO) / Orphan sponsorship

Sponsorship programs for orphans and families

Morocco & Tunisia

  1. Basic sponsorship The sponsor pays 60$/ month for a minimum of one year, or $720 per year to cover basic needs as well as one-time needs as follows:
    Evaluation of the need Type of need Total
    Sponsorship 60$ Monthly 720$
    School bag 50$ Annual 50$
    Habits Eid 50$ Annual 50$
    Panier Iftar-Eid 50$ Annual 50$
    Day camp 50$ Annual 50$
  2. Family sponsorship The sponsor covers for  90$ / mois ( * ) the basic needs (of food, education and health) of a family of orphans (2 and more)
  3. Contribution ponctuelleAnyone who does not sponsor an orphan can occasionally help the orphans: it is to cover the needs of the orphan on the following occasions:
  • Back to schoolPurchase of school supplies (50$)
  • Day camp 10-day summer vacation at a campground (50$)
  • Eid Purchase of sheep (±200$) or Eid basket (50$)
  • Panier & cadeaux de fêtes Purchase of clothes and gifts ($50)

(*) Selon le programme de parrainage de familles et le seuil de pauvreté déterminé par notre partenaire sur le terrain Alyatim à Marrakech.

Partners in the field

Soleil des Orphelins relies on several partners to channel your donations to needy orphans. These partners provide us with the orphans' files and allow us to follow up on their situation in their environment. They work directly on the ground with the orphans by providing them with moral and financial support, by facilitating their schooling, by monitoring their school results, their health status and by organizing activities for their benefit. Thanks to your donations, some of these activities, such as the Eid basket and the purchase of school supplies, are financed mainly by SDO.

In addition to the follow-up provided by our partners, SDO periodically visits some of the orphans to see how their situation is improving. SDO is currently present in Morocco and Tunisia for logistical reasons, but we intend to extend our activities to other African countries. We have several partners in different cities in Morocco and Tunisia: Sourire d'espoir, Al-Hidn, Alyatim et alAoun, alnaim, Développement sans frontière...