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About us

Sun Orphans -Soleil des orphelins (SDO) is a charitable organization regsitred by the Canada Revenue Agency under
reference 81865 6514 RR0001.for more info: Orphan sun ?

Matching donations

CORPORATE MATCHING GIFT PROGRAM Your gift can change a life. Your company’s matching gift can change another. Did you know that hundreds of companies across the country match employee contributions. A corporate matching gift is an easy way to increase the impact of a personal contribution to Orphan Sun. it is a benefit that many corporations offer to their staff. Corporations may double, triple, or even quadruple charitable gifts on behalf of Canadian employees. By taking advantage of a company's matching gift program, you can generate an additional gift that can double or triple your contribution.

Organizing a fundraiser

It's easy to get involved with Sun Orphans (SDO) and organize a fundraiser to help needy orphans !

You can team up with your co-workers, schoolmates, family members, friends or neighbours – and you can count on us to offer guidance and insight along the way

Business partnership

CORPORATE DONATIONS :By making a donation to Orphan sun (SDO), or sponsoring our projects, you will be associating your business with a respected charity that is helping orphans. By supporting our work, you will be showing how deeply committed you are to building a fairer society for everyone.

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Orphan sun (SDO)

Orphan sun (SDO)

The looks of these children
Are so many testimonies of a suffering
that their silence is not silent.
Through the evils and sorrows
They have to teach us that life is in sharing.
For their childhood to stop being a shipwreck
And that they have the power to imagine
A better future
They need you
They need us
Make their joys a world that unfolds.








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